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SPIN Changing The Way It Funds Public Interest Work

Since its founding in 1992, Temple Law’s Student Public Interest Network (SPIN) has raised over $300,000 for students who want to do public interest legal work. Now, SPIN is changing the way they disburse those funds. Starting this year, SPIN will put a heavier emphasis on directly funding student public interest work through SPIN Honors Grants.

Student Public Interest Network (SPIN) | Temple Law Calendar

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Cameron Redfern - Temple Law

A year as the President of the Student Public Interest Network (SPIN) taught me that Temple Law is the premier public interest law school based on its undying student commitment—a commitment so strong that students spend countless hours fundraising $20,000 a year to ensure their colleagues can pursue their public interest passions.

Sarah Zimmerman - Temple Law

The Student Public Interest Network (SPIN) also offered a bunch of great opportunities to engage in the city. I definitely recommend spending time with family or friends who aren’t in law school– the experience can become a little echo-chamber-y, and it’s nice to forget about Torts or Crim Pro for a while and simply enjoy others’ company.

Lilah R. Thompson - Law & Public Policy Program

At Temple Law, Lilah is the President of the Student Public Interest Network, Co-President of the National Lawyer’s Guild, and an Executive Board member of Law Students for Reproductive Justice. Her main legal interests include policy surrounding detained immigrants and the effects of recent Executive Memoranda regarding immigration.

Edmund Nyarko - Law & Public Policy Program

Edmund Nyarko LAW ’23 is a 2021 Law and Public Policy Scholar and Weisman Family Fellow at Temple University Beasley School of Law. At Temple, he is active in the Student Public Interest Network and the National Lawyers Guild. Edmund is also the Vice President of the Black Law Students Association.

Elizabeth G Schultz - Temple Law

I served on the boards of several student orgs: School Discipline Advocacy Service, Student Public Interest Network, and NLG Expungement Project, and I founded the Political and Civil Rights Society. Getting involved in the student org scene is an incredible way to tap into a thriving community and start making connections.

Emily Berg - Law & Public Policy Program

At Temple, Emily is a member of the Student Public Interest Network (SPIN), the International Law Society, and the Latin American Law Students Association. Next year, Emily will be on the Moot Court team and will serve as the Treasurer of SPIN. This summer, Emily is working at Schwartz & Ballen, a financial services firm in Washington, DC.

Geminesse Dorsey - Law & Public Policy Program

She currently serves as a board member of the School Discipline Advocacy Service, advocating for students throughout the Philadelphia area, and is an active member of both the Student Public Interest Network (SPIN) and the Black Law Students Association (BLSA).

James E. Beasley School of Law

He also created the Barrack Public Interest Fellowship Program in 1991, which has benefited nearly 200 ... Also in 2010, the Student Public Interest Network honored Barrack with the Robert J. Reinstein Public Interest Award. 2 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY | JAMES E. BEASLEY SCHOOL OF LAW. GRADUATION CEREMONY | MAY 19, 2022 3