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Understanding American Gun Violence Part 1: The evolution of America’s ...

Posted December 7, 2022. Faculty Experts, gun violence, Staff & Faculty, Temple University Hospital, violence prevention, Beasley School of Law, College of Liberal Arts, Lewis Katz School of Medicine. Understanding American Gun Violence Part 1: The evolution of America’s relationship with firearms.

Bullet proof | Temple Now

Posted June 23, 2017. Cradle to Grave, Health Science Campus, impact, Temple University Hospital, Community Engagement, Lewis Katz School of Medicine. Bullet proof. For more than a decade, Temple University Hospital’s Amy Goldberg and Scott Charles have been teaching about the realities of gun violence.

Temple trauma surgeon earns fellowship aimed at curbing gun violence

Ryan S. Brandenberg. Temple trauma surgeon Jessica Beard is joining an effort to put a stop to the gun violence epidemic. As a trauma surgeon and public health researcher at Temple University Hospital, Jessica Beard cares for critically ill and injured patients, including those who are victims of shootings.

Temple’s Scott Charles on gun violence prevention

Posted October 20, 2021. gun violence, Health Science Campus, Community Engagement. Temple’s Scott Charles on gun violence prevention. The trauma outreach manager at Temple University Hospital joined local and regional business leaders to discuss the impact of firearms incidents on economic growth in Philadelphia. Photography By:

How do we stop gun violence? Maybe by showing photos like this

Posted November 4, 2022. gun violence, Campus News. How do we stop gun violence? Maybe by showing photos like this. In this video, Amy Goldberg and David Boardman argue that the American media should include images of victims in their reporting so people have the information they need to make informed decisions about gun control. Photography By:

Temple’s Amy Goldberg receives prestigious Philadelphia Award

Temple trauma surgeon Amy Goldberg received the Philadelphia Award for her extraordinary commitment to preventing gun violence. In a virtual ceremony held on Nov. 4, renowned Temple trauma surgeon and advocate for gun violence prevention Amy Goldberg received the coveted Philadelphia Award for 2019, the 99th year of the annual award.

How government stifled gun research | Temple Now

Scientific evidence for exactly which kind of legislation would help stem gun violence is lacking, a situation that is in many ways of the government's own creation. Several congressional efforts have limited federal research vastly reducing the scientific data available for policymakers today. What's left is piecemeal and often small-scale research that fails to answer big

These 11 Temple University violence reduction programs are enhancing ...

1. Temple Safety Net. Head of trauma surgery at Temple University Hospital (TUH) Amy Goldberg realized nearly 20 years ago that she could play a role in addressing gun violence well before victims arrived in the trauma bay for emergency treatment.

Temple expert: Gun violence is not a mental health issue

The national debate on gun control has sparked an increased focus on mental illness. “A majority of gun crimes are committed by people who do not have mental health issues,” said Mark Salzer, chair of rehabilitation sciences at Temple. Salzer says roughly 15 to 20 million Americans have serious mental health issues and while he’s happy the gun control could mean more funding

Temple launches program to curb gun violence in North Philly

A national program called CeaseFire, proved to reduce gun violence in urban areas, has come to Philadelphia. Based at the Temple's School of Medicine in the Center for Urban Health, Ethics and Policy, CeaseFire conceives of violence as a disease whose transmission can be stopped through behavioral change.