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Seminars Fall 2018 - Temple University Department of Chemistry

November 26, 2018 David Barnard Stanley Lab, Temple University, Doctoral Dissertation Defense Excited State Dynamics and Charge Redistribution of Extremophile DNA Photolyase and Flavin Cofactors

College of Science and Technology CHEMISTRY

Chemistry faculty a national leader in gender diversity chem.cst.temple.edu Chair’s message Late last year, a committee composed of four eminent scholars reviewed the

Buddha B. Khatri - sites.temple.edu

PHOTOCYCLOADDITION OF CONJUGATED ENYNES AND ITS APPLICATION IN NATURAL PRODUCTS SYNTHESIS Buddha B. Khatri Department of Chemistry, Temple University, 1901 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Diagnostic Tests, Drugs & Treatments - Consumer Health ...

Pillbox: Identify an unknown pill. The National Library of Medicine is partnering with the Food and Drug Administration to enhance patient safety by providing an identification and reference system for solid-dosage medications.

Drug discovery proof-of-concept grants lead to patents ...

An illustration of the molecular structure of alkaloid leuconicine A, one the natural products synthesized by Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry Rodrigo Andrade as the result of a drug discovery grant.

Wengryniuk - Temple University Department of Chemistry

Our lab aims to develop a multifaceted research program focusing on asymmetric methods development and natural product synthesis as the means for fueling biological investigations.

Pharm.D Curriculum | School of Pharmacy

Second Year, Fall Semester; COURSE. CREDITS. P265 Pharmacology II. 3. P261 Pharmacogenomics and Drug Metabolism. 3. P251 Medicinal Chemistry III and Natural Products


Sichuan University – Temple University Summer Progam 2018 College of Chemistry OXIDATIVE C─H/C─H COUPLING REACTIONS BETWEEN TWO (HETERO)ARENES Project Investigator: Prof. Jingsong You Preferred Scientific Requirements: Course in Organic Chemistry, previous experience in the interpretation of 1H and 13C-NMR spectra for organic small molecules.

Graduate Program | School of Pharmacy

Core Courses and Research Requirements for Thesis-Based M.S. and Ph.D. All students entering the graduate studies programs at the School of Pharmacy will work with an advisor throughout their didactic education and during the completion of their research-based theses.
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