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Chemistry PhD | Temple University

natural products synthesis, photonics, plasmonics, and. surface and interface science. Current faculty research includes chemical advances in biologically relevant metals, the development of novel synthetic methodology, the structure and dynamics of proteins and peptidomimetics, and ultrafast dynamics.

Sarah Wengryniuk | Temple University College of Science and Technology

Representative research areas include C–H activation, asymmetric C–C bond formation, novel methods to access carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen containing ring systems, and the synthesis of natural products targeting cancer metastasis.

Sasha W. Eisenman, PhD - Tyler School of Art

Sasha Eisenman is a botanist and horticulturist with a diverse portfolio of research projects. Currently, his primary area of research is on the survival, health and ecophysiological responses of plants in green infrastructure systems (tree trenches, bioswales and rain gardens).

In memoriam: Dr. Rodrigo Andrade - College of Science and Technology

The central theme of Rod's research at Temple University was the asymmetric synthesis of architecturally complex natural products, focusing on the total synthesis of two families of complex and biologically active natural products, macrolide antibiotics and indole alkaloids.

Synthesis - Temple University Department of Chemistry

Synthetic and mechanistic inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry and crystallography: multi-metal molecular clusters and solid-state systems of fundamental chemical and biological interest, and for energy and materials applications.

Research Guides: Chemistry: Physical & Chemical Properties

Thermophysical properties database. Lists recommended databases, handbooks, and websites (data, definition, measurement) for physico-chemical and other material properties. Melting points, boiling points, density, vapor pressure, or refractive index of chemicals supplied by Sigma, Aldrich, or Fluka.

Graduate Course Offerings | Department of Chemistry | Temple University ...

Graduate Course Offerings. All incoming students must complete six lecture courses (18 credit hours). Three courses must be in your area of concentration and three are electives. It is the goal that all students will finish their coursework in the first year (3 courses per semester).

Drug Monographs - Pharmacy - Research Guides at Temple University

Drug Monograph Collections. A clinical, point-of-care drug information resource. Lexi-Drugs, the heart of Lexi-Comp, is a comprehensive database of over 1600 drug monographs, covering over 8000 medications. Also included: a drug interaction tool, a drug identification file and more.

Todd Schifeling - Fox School of Business and Management

"The Struggle for Control over Movements in Markets: Activists, Marketers, and Natural Products," Strategy and the Business Environment Conference. Rochester, NY. Presenter.

School of Pharmacy - Temple University

The School of Pharmacy is accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education, which is sponsored by the American Pharmaceutical Association, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, and the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. The purpose of the Council is to advance the standards of pharmaceutical education and to maintain a list of acceptable colleges of pharmacy.